The Importance of a Matching Color Palette in Your Basement Design

Basement design is so important to creating the perfect finished basement pictures that we take when we wrap up a client’s project. There are so many facets within basement design that it would take forever to go through them all in detail. One facet that’s importance can’t be understated is your basement’s color palette.

When people hear the term “color palette” they generally think of a large color wheel of paint samples. Although paint is part of your basement’s color palette, it is not the only thing. Your cabinets, counter top, lighting fixtures, appliances, carpeting, etc. etc. all play a part in creating your color palette.

The problem that comes in to play, which is seen often, is when homeowners go and choose all their colors and materials without considering if what they selected will match the rest of their basement design.

In a simple world it would be easy to just go to Home Depot and select your favorite carpeting, and then go pick out your favorite color paint for the walls, and then head down to the kitchen section and order your favorite cabinets, but it just doesn’t work that way. Each piece of material that you order for your basement plays a part in creating an appealing basement color palette.

These “color palettes” do not just come together on their own. It takes a lot of planning to get all the pieces to fit together and match.

If you are trying to design your basement and you need to figure out what type of color palette you want. I would recommend looking at a lot of finished basement pictures. Find out what looks good to you and use those pictures as starting points for how to put together a complimentary color palette for your basement.

If you need help creating the perfect color palette for your St. Louis basement design then call Marvelous Basements today and let the pros show you what basement design is all about.

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