Is your St. Louis Basement too dark?

When designed properly a St. Louis Basement can be a premier area that is a key feature of a home. If ignored and left unfinished it can turn into a dank and dark dungeon that houses numerous species of insects and interesting fungus growths.

That may be overstating it a bit, but it is common to see homeowners who do not have a welcoming environment in their basement, avoid that area of their home all together.

One major reason that a home owner avoids the basement area is poor lighting.

No one wants to go into a basement, finished or unfinished, if they can’t see more than a few feet in front of them. Poorly lit rooms have been proven to emit an unwelcoming vibe. A well-lit unfinished basement will actually attract more people than a poorly lit finished basement.

Sticking with a couple of pull chain light fixtures is not going to be enough to achieve the amount of light needed to effectively brighten a basement.

There are several different types of lighting that can be incorporated into a basement design to light the area in a way that puts its guests at ease.

Here’s a list of just some of the different types of lighting to install in your basement:

  1. Hanging lights – good for wet bars and table areas
  2. Pot lights – canned lights that are recessed into your ceiling
  3. Under cabinet lights – these can be wired or wireless and are great at exposing more light to countertops
  4. Lamps – great for the living room/main room in your basement.
  5. Central lighting – this could be anything from chandeliers to flush mounted fans with a light fixture. These types of fixtures are generally considered your main lighting feature.

A trip to your local hardware store will quickly show you how many different types of lighting are available today. Couple that with the different types of light bulbs accessible and you should be armed with quite an arsenal of options to incorporate into your basement lighting design.

If you have a basement that you feel is too dark then call Marvelous Basements today. We can create the perfect lighting plan for your basement so that you no longer dread making the trek into the downstairs area of your home.

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