10 Basement Renovation Ideas for St. Louis Homeowners


Make a New Room at a Fraction of the Cost   Do you have a basement that is not finished and you don’t use it? Did you know you can have it finished to create any type of personal space you wish at a fraction of the cost of adding an additional room to your […]

Where Do I Begin?

Have you ever experienced that moment? You know, that moment where you stand looking at your cold, dark, unfinished basement and come to the conclusion that it’s finally time to do something about it. For many that moment can be a very exciting realization but it can also be immediately followed by a rush of […]

Custom St. Louis Basement Wet Bars

Marvelous Basements specializes in providing the highest in both service and quality when it comes to custom wet bars. Check out a recent wet bar we created for a customer below: If you would like to see more custom St. Louis basement wet bars then check out our wet bar gallery. If you are looking […]

Is your St. Louis Basement too dark?

When designed properly a St. Louis Basement can be a premier area that is a key feature of a home. If ignored and left unfinished it can turn into a dank and dark dungeon that houses numerous species of insects and interesting fungus growths. That may be overstating it a bit, but it is common […]

What type of insulation should I install in my basement finishing project?

The amount of choices that a homeowner has when it comes to materials for their St. Louis basement finishing project is endless. Insulation is an area where the type of material you choose not only affects your pocketbook but may also affect the quality of your basement. Having a firm understanding between the differences in […]

Why Your Furniture Selection Matters for Your St. Louis Finished Basement

So much goes into remodeling a St. Louis finished basement. There are so many aspects to managing a remodeling project that homeowners regularly let a few items slip. They don’t think certain items are that important, only to find out later on that they were extremely important. Furniture selection/placement is one of those areas. It’s […]

St. Louis Basement Home Theater Design – Select Your T.V. First, Not Last

Although it seems like when planning a St. Louis basement remodeling project that your T.V. can be selected last, it can’t. If you’re planning to include a home theater in your basement then the T.V. should be one of the first things you select and not just the T.V. itself,  but how it will be […]

The Importance of Selecting Quality Windows For Your Finished Basement Project

We work with a variety of budget sizes when remodeling basements. Because of this we have to be prepared to show clients a variety of areas where they can look to cut costs and increase savings without decreasing the overall quality of the project. When you are finishing your basement it is not imperative for […]