The Keys to St. Louis Basement Wetbar Design

One of the best ways to complete an efficient remodeled basement is to create a kitchen or wet bar area in the basement design.

For the majority of homeowners, the motivation to remodel their basement comes from the desire to create a space that they can use to spend time with family and friends. This time can easily suffer when a host is constantly running back and forth upstairs to cook food and snacks for their guests.

In many cases the host may miss the majority of the event all together while they tend to guest’s needs in the kitchen, completely defeating the purpose of remodeling the basement in the first place.

Putting a kitchen or wet bar area in the basement allows everyone to be together while food and snacks are being prepared and served. Nothing brings a family together like food so why not give your basement area the ability to be self-sufficient in regards to food preparation?

Most of the basements we finish for our customers have custom kitchens and wet bars designed for them. A basement design would simply not be complete without such addition. We personally tailor every single wet bar design to your space and specifications. We do not use cookie cutter designs. Your wet bar is unique to your basement and your basement alone.

There are many things you will want to keep in mind when designing your basement kitchen. Everything that is in your main kitchen could conceivably find a place in your basement kitchen. Everything from countertops to cabinets and appliances to fixtures will seemingly find a place in your kitchen creating the most efficient space in your basement.

Designing a Saint Louis basement wet bar can be a lot of work but with Marvelous basements it could not be easier. If you would like to see some of the wet bars we have designed for your clients then you can look at the wet bar section of our portfolio.

Contact Marvelous Basements today to get help in designing the perfect basement kitchen for your home.

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