10 Basement Renovation Ideas for St. Louis Homeowners

Make a New Room at a Fraction of the Cost


Do you have a basement that is not finished and you don’t use it? Did you know you can have it finished to create any type of personal space you wish at a fraction of the cost of adding an additional room to your home? Read on for ideas.


10 Basement Renovation Ideas for St. Louis Homeowners


Missouri is considered both a Midwestern and a southern state. Most of the homes in the St. Louis area have basements. You may use yours for extra storage, laundry, or an area for your heating system and water tank. Your basement can be so much more than that. There is a huge amount of rooms you can convert it to that will benefit you, your family, and your friends in one or more manners. Of course, the basement size will dictate how many things you can accommodate in your new living space and if you have a full basement–you are lucky indeed!


Basement finishing in the St. Louis area boosts your property area, adds to the square footage of your home, gives you more usable area, and creates a space that is unique and also perfect to suit your exact needs. The possibilities are endless.


Basement Renovation Ideas


You can choose any type of room you wish to be in your basement such as:


  • Home office
  • Family room
  • Guest bedroom or in-law suite
  • Home theater
  • Hobby or craft studio
  • Home gym
  • Wet bar area
  • Laundry room
  • Home spa
  • Game room


You can choose one of the most popular rooms to renovate your unused basement space or create one all of your own for your specific needs.


Home Office


Most people who work from home using a bedroom or another space in their home for a home office. When you put a home office in your basement, it’s much quieter than a room in the main home–especially if others are at home when you are working. Other people can cause you distractions while you are working and then it disrupts your train of thought. When this happens several times a day, it actually slows down your productivity. And productivity usually equates to money. You can have quite a large office in your basement with beautiful stained woodwork and bookshelves and lovely hardwood floors that gleam. You may choose a more modern style office with a built-in desk and lots of room for extra monitors or a dual desk area for both yourself and your partner at work or your spouse.


Family Room


All homes have a living room that may be quite formal for guests to be seated when they come to visit. Other times, the living room is quite informal or it may be sectioned off from the kitchen and dining room in an open floor plan. A cozy solution is to have a family room downstairs in the basement with couches, chairs, and a coffee table as well as a television. This will give you and your family members a place to just kick back and enjoy being together. You can also include some bookshelves and store board games on them or other games your family enjoys playing together.


If you have a full basement or enough room in your basement, you can consider adding a small kitchenette with a mini-fridge to put drinks in and snacks in drawers or cabinets. This will eliminate the need to go back upstairs for snacks and drinks.


Guest Bedroom or In-Law Suite


Your basement is the perfect area for a large guest bedroom or a suite for an older in-law. You can add not only an area for the bed but if you have space, a living area, a dining area, a kitchenette, and a bathroom. You will also want to add ample cabinets and closets to store extra bedding and linens as well as clothing and bathroom items. The trend for caring for your older loved ones is turning to addition to homes instead of nursing homes, especially if they are still mobile and only need a bit of extra care.


You can use this same idea for an older child that may be in college and work part-time to pay for his or her education. This situation usually doesn’t allow them to make enough money to rent an apartment and with them still under your roof–so to speak, you can keep an eye on them while letting them have a lot of freedom at the same time.

finished basement

Home Theater


Home theaters are very popular and what better area of your home than one without several windows to shine bright light and glare on your screen. Basements are also soundproof for your surround sound system to work at its best. Home theater seating or a sectional as well as dimmable lights, a wet bar, and popcorn machine, and furniture with cup holders completes your home theater in style. You can also add a remote control so that the screen comes down from the ceiling or it rises out of a cabinet so it is out of sight until you are ready for your cinema of fun.


Hobby or Craft Studio


A basement makes a wonderful area for a hobby or craft studio. You can arrange it as you please to have many cabinets and drawers to arrange all of your materials in that you use often. Your downstairs real estate can be a sewing or painting room or a woodworking or sculpting area. If this will be a dedicated woodworking room, you can consider installing a central vacuum system to clean up all the sand and sawdust that will accumulate in the area. A room designed around one or more hobbies or crafts helps to keep your stuff organized and gives you ample room to move around.


Home Gym


Have you ever wanted to go to the gym and work out and then decided it was too much trouble? This is one of the major reasons people don’t use their gym memberships. It’s much easier to be motivated if you merely need to walk downstairs. Basements have a very strong floor with nothing under them so it makes it an ideal area for a home gym. One thing to keep in mind though is that the ceiling will usually be 8 feet tall at the most or shorter. Very tall workout equipment may not fit in your basement, but it should be able to accommodate just about anything you want in it. Adding multiple mirrors to your basement gym designs can also help you to observe your form, because as we know if your form is off, you could injure yourself.

wet bar

Wet Bar Area


Many homeowners want a bar area but really don’t have a space for it, so they settle for an outside tiki bar. This is okay if you don’t have a basement for it, but in the hottest or coldest months, you won’t be comfortable outside. Having your own wet bar in the basement makes a great area for you and your family members or friends to hang out and unwind on a weekend. It’s especially nice to have an actual bar seating area with all your supplies behind it. You will most likely want to add a large television to watch sports games and you can even add a poker machine for your guest’s pleasure. The addition to your basement area a bar can also be included in the rear of a home theater or a family room, or it can be the entire basement area dedicated to a friendly bar.


Laundry Room


Many homes have the basement dedicated as a laundry room. So this idea isn’t new, but when you have the laundry room finished in the basement, it can be a very pleasant area to do the laundry and fold the clothes as well. You will want ample counter space for the laundry and you can add a closet with a clothing bar to hang the finished clothing on. You can add a small sink and refrigerator, ample lighting, and cabinets to store all your laundry needs. If you really want a laundry room that makes your life simple you may be able to install a laundry chute in the main house and drop the laundry in there so it arrives in the laundry room without the need to carry all the dirty clothes down the stairs. You can even go one step farther and add a dumbwaiter to set the folded clothes in and have it travel up into the upper floor, relieving you of carrying the finished laundry up the stairs. Now, that’s really convenient.


Home Spa


Your basement is a perfect location for a nice and quiet home spa. You can relax in a steam room, jetted tub, or sauna right in your own home. This also adds a lot of resale value to your home if you decide to sell it and prospective buyers will definitely remember it because it’s not every day you see a wonderful area like this in a home. If you have enough space your basement can do double duty as a spa and a home gym, so you can relax after a workout in the same area.


Game Room


A game room in your basement is always a great hit among family and friends. You can include a pool table, some retro beer signs, a full bar, and snack area, high-top tables, and poker and board games as well. You can also add a few retro arcade games and a TV for guests and family members alike to play video games.


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