Create More Space in Your Home With a St. Louis Basement Remodel

Most homeowners see basements as storage for unwanted items and damaged furniture. However, basements could be the key to creating more space in your home. Let’s discuss how a St. Louis basement remodeling company can transform your basement into a functional space.

Are you looking to add more space, or do you need a room for special activities at home? A remodel of your old basement can help achieve this goal while adding to your property’s value.

What Do You Do With Basement Space?

Guest Bedroom

Determining what to do with your space is the first step in a dream basement remodel. Your priority should be to create a functional room that your home currently lacks. Let’s go through some basement remodeling ideas that may interest you.

Guest Bedroom for Basement Remodeling Idea

Ensure that your overnight guest gets royalty treatment by welcoming them into your cozy basement bedroom. Guests will be happy to have the space, and you’ll avoid the inconvenience of sharing your room or making them sleep on the couch.

You’ll need a comfortable bed, closets, and sufficient lighting to transform your basement into a bedroom. You can also add a bathroom if space allows. Also, ensure that you provide an excellent heating source and blankets because basements tend to be colder than other rooms.

Home Gym

Not everyone enjoys leaving the house at 6 a.m. for their daily workout. Transforming your home’s basement into a personal gym saves time and money. You’ll only need a few machines, some design elements, and space to move around.

11 Basement Home Gym Ideas for the Ultimate Workout Space

The room needs to have ceilings high enough for equipment to fit in for a basement-to-gym remodel to work. You’ll want to cover the concrete floor with gym mats and install large mirrors to help monitor your form.

Cinema/Game Room

Do you need a place where you and your family can relax and have some fun? In that case, consider transforming your basement into a cinema or game room. All you need for this to work out in most cases is a television, music system, and some fun games.

Cinema or Computer Game Room for Basement Remodeling

If your basement remodeling project is for a home theater, you’ll need to insulate the room’s walls to dampen sound. Also, consult experts for proper speaker placement to enjoy better sound quality for movies and karaoke.

Contact your St. Louis basements remodeling experts at Marvelous Basements and Remodeling, LLC, to help with your basement renovations.

Home Office

A home office is ideal for those who work remotely or require a space to carry out personal tasks. The basement is the perfect spot for such activity because it is often better insulated against outside noises than other rooms. Making your basement into a private office will help you focus while working on projects or attending virtual meetings.

Home Office for Basement Remodeling Ideas

Your home office should appear welcoming to visitors even though it is a private space. Bright lighting, office chairs, and cozy decorations are crucial.

The Importance of a Basement Remodeling Contractor

Here are some major benefits of hiring a basement remodeling contractor over DIY:

Planning and Design Phase

As with other home improvement projects, it is easy to make costly mistakes without the supervision of an expert. A professional remodeling contractor will ensure that everything from the planning to the design phase goes smoothly. This expert will also provide exceptional recommendations for materials, fixtures, and decorations that you can use in the room.

Permit Phase

Another benefit of working with remodeling contractors is that they have the required license to operate in their service areas. They also have insurance to cover damages that may occur during the renovation. In contrast, you’ll be responsible for renovation damages in your home if you attempt to do it yourself.

Installation Phase

Experienced contractors will finish the basement renovation on time as they are adept at carrying out such projects. They’ll also carry out all installations properly, so you won’t have to spend extra on repairs after a short time. You will take longer to complete the project and make several mistakes when handling it yourself.

Learn more from our blog about the: 7 Things to Consider When Hiring Basement Remodeling Contractors.


Contact Marvelous Basements and Remodeling for St. Louis basements remodeling services. We have years of experience transforming basements into rooms of all sorts. We’ve helped many homeowners in St. Louis county create their dream finished basement, so trust us to do the same for you.

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