What Are the 7 Best Ways to Lighten Up a Basement Apartment?

Basements are naturally dark and gloomy with either limited windows or small windows, so the entire basement apartment can’t be bright. There are several ways to make your basement apartment brighter and more cheerful.

Discover the 7 Ways to Lighten Up a Basement Apartment

1. Bring on the Lights

Even if your basement has some windows, it may still remain dark. There could also be obstacles that block light from the windows, such as thick drapery or window blinds. Adding lights helps your space to be more comfortable for studying, remote working, and reading. You should decide in what areas you want extra lighting, such as the living room, dining area, and bedroom in your basement apartment.

Cool white light bulbs will give you the best option as they are not harshly bright, and they aren’t a cool temperature that just gives off a soft glow either.

Recessed lighting works well because some basements have low ceilings, and this type of lighting doesn’t require any space while it blends in well with your ceiling, and gives you more light.

Accent lights are generally more for the aesthetics of decoration. These are commonly found on a dining room table or your workspace.

Track lights allow you to focus the light beams from them on areas to highlight them. They work well for lighting your staircase or hallways, and they are useful for shelves to backlight your decor.

Plinth lights work well to light up an area under your kitchen cabinets on the kickboards. They have a soft glow that can illuminate the floor, or your kitchen countertops if you install them under the cabinets to add extra illumination to your basement apartment.

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2. Adding Mirrors

Placing mirrors on your walls or shelves will reflect the other light sources to brighten your space up. The best idea is to place mirrors halfway between the windows and a wall, so it reflects the lighting from the window into the rest of the room. Mirrors are both functional and quite stylish.

3. Reflective Surfaces

Besides mirrors, you can add other surfaces to reflect light and brighten up your apartment. The floor of your basement reflects light from your ceiling. Choosing polished hardwood, sealed concrete, or shiny tiles will brighten it up. Other reflective surfaces to consider are light reflecting carpets or rugs, glass tabletops, glossy tiles on the countertops, large mirrors on the walls, and shiny decor, such as picture frames, vases, and candle holders.

4. Remove Unnecessary Items

When you remove clutter from your basement apartment, it adds brightness, especially if there are items stored there that block the light from the windows. This will also make your space look much bigger without extra items in it.

5. Brightening Paint

Painting your walls with cream colors, or light gray colors is stylish, and they will lighten up your basement apartment. Neutral colors or light pastels are the best choices for basement walls. The paint color you choose will evoke a certain feeling in your basement apartment.

Bright white is a clean and bright feeling, while cream is a great alternative if you prefer it. Light sky blue has a calming effect, and it makes your space inviting. If you want to show your creativity, consider purple paint that can be playful and elegant at the same time. Gray is a sophisticated color, and all hues of green give you a cozy and tranquil vibe. Yellow gives you energy and life in your basement.

6. The Best Artificial Lighting

Minimalist Finished Basement Ideas

The best artificial l lighting that mimics natural sunlight are high-quality full-spectrum bulbs that match the same sunlight you see in the middle of the day.

There are several benefits to this type of lighting, such as improving productivity, creating a sense of energy, reducing stress, headaches, and eyestrain, combating seasonal affective disorder, and promoting better sleep.

7. Glass Interior Doors

You can replace your interior doors with glass versions to add extra lighting to your basement apartment. It allows the natural light and your artificial lighting to flood the dim spaces with a boost of indirect sunlight to brighten up your area. To take this type of door into really adding light, you can add Roman shades made of bright and beautiful fabric on the doors.

You can raise them entirely to let all the natural light possible inside. This also works well if you happen to have an entryway door from the outside of your home to the basement.

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