8 Best Low Ceilings Basement Remodeling Hacks You Need to Know

There are rarely two basements that are alike in size and height. If your basement has a low ceiling, you may think that it can’t be remodeled into a useful living space in your home. But this isn’t true. Professional basement remodeling in St. Louis can find ways to work around any constraints you may have and produce a useful and beautiful living space for any purpose you desire. The key to decorating a low ceilings basement remodeling is to trick the eye into thinking that it’s a taller and larger space.

Best 8 Hacks for Low Ceilings Basement Remodeling


1. The Paint Color


If your basement has low ceilings, you can use an interior designer trick to make the entire space look larger and taller. It’s very simple. Use white paint for the walls and the ceiling. Light plays off white paint and reflects it, so it appears that your spaces are much larger than they really are.


2. Light Fixtures

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If you have a low ceiling, you definitely don’t want light fixtures that hang down from the ceiling, so that people bump their heads into them. Hanging light fixtures also make your ceiling look even lower. Changing the light fixtures in your basement to recessed lighting, updates your spaces in a modern manner and makes your ceilings appear to be higher. It’s best not to use upward lighting such as wall sconces. These will cast shadows below them and only light up the ceiling areas, which makes spaces seem much shorter and smaller.


3. Wall Decor


Add wall decor to your new space that is vertical or plants mounted high on the wall with trailing vines that hang down near the floor. The visual of vertical items will make your ceiling seem to be higher as well. Any type of vertical decor works well for this application with the longer and taller items giving you more of an impact


4. Furniture Choices

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Another thing to think about is the furniture in a room with low ceilings. Standard-sized furniture will make your entire room look smaller, and the ceiling look lower than it actually is because the sheer size of the items will overpower the space. Instead, choose furniture that is smaller for your chairs, couches, and your cabinets or tables of any type. The more vertical space there is between your furniture and the ceiling, the better to make your ceilings look taller. Furniture with lower backs and longer in length, such as couches and chairs, make your space look larger.


5. Minimize the Sub Floor


Sub floors will take up an extra inch or two of vertical space in your basement. You may be able to minimize or even eliminate the sub floor to get a few more inches of height. This idea works in some cases, such as simply painting the concrete floor and adding some rugs on top for areas that aren’t as cold.


6. Dressing Windows

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If you have windows in your basement, it helps your entire space look larger to keep the window treatments to a minimum and to let the sunshine in. Natural light plays off your furnishings to brighten areas and make them seem larger. You may instead adjust your recessed windows or add another panel, so the windows are flush with your interior walls and get more sunlight in your space. The smoked glass will give you privacy without sacrificing your natural sunlight.


7. Choose a Low Profile Ceiling


In an unfinished basement, you will like to have exposed duct work and floor joists from the first floor of your home. Taking up the least amount of space to finish the ceiling out will save you a few inches in height. Consider wood paneling on the ceiling, or a drywall ceiling to give you the maximum height possible in a basement with a low ceiling.


8. Enlist Painting Techniques


Some painting techniques can make your ceilings look higher. It always helps to paint the ceiling white to lift and lighten the area. High gloss paint on the ceiling makes it even more bright to appear taller. You can also paint vertical stripes on the walls to make your ceiling appear taller. Stripes of white can be accented with any other color that blends in with your decor palette and style. The more contrast you have between your two paint-colored stripes, gives you a more dramatic effect. 

Get Help with Experienced Basement Remodelers

If your basement has a low ceiling, it definitely doesn’t mean that it can’t be transformed into a comfortable living space of any sort. As professional basement remodelers of 30 years, our premier basement remodeling contractor in St. Louis can create the room of your dreams. We know all the tricks of the trade to make basements appear differently than they actually are. Contact Marvelous Basements and Remodeling today to find out about modern and exciting basement finishing ideas!

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