Why Your Furniture Selection Matters for Your St. Louis Finished Basement

So much goes into remodeling a St. Louis finished basement. There are so many aspects to managing a remodeling project that homeowners regularly let a few items slip. They don’t think certain items are that important, only to find out later on that they were extremely important. Furniture selection/placement is one of those areas.

It’s easy to think that you can just go out and buy a couch and a few recliners after your remodeling project is done and be happy with the set-up. More times than not, a homeowner will be disappointed in their basement if they lackadaisically choose their furniture.

There are many reasons why this is a bad approach. The first is that you should be researching your furniture up front so that your selections stylistically match your basement’s design and color palate. Nothing is worse than realizing your leopard skinned couch clashes slightly with your oak cabinets. As obvious of a revelation as this should be, the situation is more common than one would think.

Another reason why you need to be planning for your furniture during the initial planning stages is space. Buy too big of a couch and you will be left squeezing between armrests, walls, other guests and who knows what else. Buy too little of a couch and you will be left wondering why your basement seems like an empty conference room.

A common situation that many homeowners don’t realize is that although their basement may be huge, the area they have allotted for their couch to go is a bit small. Yet they buy an over-sized couch anyways. Sure, the couch can just be returned for another one but if you truly wanted a big couch what are you to do?

Planning for that big couch during the design phase of the project is the way to go if you don’t want to be stuck with an unfavorable furniture set up.

You can sleep on your furniture. Just don’t sleep on the importance of you furniture selection.

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