What type of insulation should I install in my basement finishing project?

The amount of choices that a homeowner has when it comes to materials for their St. Louis basement finishing project is endless. Insulation is an area where the type of material you choose not only affects your pocketbook but may also affect the quality of your basement.

Having a firm understanding between the differences in insulation materials will help you make the best possible selection for your home.

The majority of insulation products on the market will fall under these 3 categories:


Fiberglass is generally going to be the cheapest insulation as far as quality is concerned. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a poor product. New home builders and remodelers will commonly use fiberglass insulation batts for their projects.

Fiberglass is the most cost effective choice for your basement. It’s also extremely easy to install and is a good product for the DIY homeowner to work with.


Cellulose insulation is the second type of material available for your basement remodeling project. Cellulose generally comes as a loose fill product and is blown into your wall system. It’s not terribly hard to install but because of the equipment needed, an installer should be hired for installation.

Cellulose has a higher R-value than most Fiberglass products, meaning it is more efficient of an insulation material. However, it’s more expensive as well.

Spray Foam

If you are looking for the highest quality insulation then look no further than spray foam insulation. Because of its efficiency, spray foam is a great insulation for basement exterior walls. You can spray foam into the tiniest cracks and crevices in your basement, creating an extremely efficient weather seal around your basement.

Spray Foam has the highest R-value out of the three types of insulation but it also carries the heftiest cost. Savings can be realized with spray foam through reduced utility bills though.

If you are in the middle of a basement finishing project in St. Louis and need help selecting the right type of insulation, call Marvelous Basements today. Let the pros show you what quality basement finishing is all about.

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