What Makes Marvelous Basements Different From Other Contractors?

There are true, tangible differences between Marvelous Basements and other contractors. When you are deciding on a contractor for your basement finishing project, it’s important that you consider a number of factors. Below we have outlined a number of important criteria that you should consider in your selection.

Marvelous Basements Other Contractors
25 yr warranty against mold & mildew in wall system? YES Very few.
Insurance & Licenses? YES Not all.
A rating with BBB? YES Very few.
5 year labor and materials guarantee? YES Almost none.
Sweat Equity options? YES Not all.
Custom Designs? YES Very few.
Design to fit Budget, Flexible Payment Terms and Conditions? YES Not all.
Payments controlled by Customer? YES No.
Direct Supervision by Company Owner? YES Very few.
Projects designed and quoted within 48 hours? YES No.
Pricing by category shared with customer? YES Almost none.
Vendor discounts for customers? YES No.
Craftsmen all vastly experienced? YES Not all.
Basement Specialist for over 20 years? YES No.
Numerous excellent references? YES Not all.
Detailed project specifications and floor plan? YES Not all.

As you can see, Marvelous Basements offers a tremendous value. Because of our flexibility and personal approach, we are still able to deliver this kind of value at or below the prices of our competitors. Whatever you do, if you’re interviewing multiple contractors you need to determine how they stack up against these various criteria.

We are specialists in St. Charles, Jefferson County, Warren County and St. Louis basement finishing.  Please contact John for a free consultation, custom design and estimate for you basement!

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