DIY Basement Remodeling Projects – How to Tell When A Project Can Quickly Get Out of Hand, Part 1

DIY projects are receiving more and more attention these days. Between all the info on the internet and cable T.V. channels like HGTV, there is a wealth of material available for the average homeowner to absorb when it comes to home improvement.

The issue is that many times the information provided can make certain DIY projects appear to be way less involved than they truly are. This can be a real problem for homeowners who have very little experience in tackling DIY home improvement projects.

The inexperienced DIY homeowner has no way to tell the difference between a simple project and a complicated project.

In the next several posts we are going to look at three types of projects that are easily tackled by a homeowner and how they can quickly get out of hand.

Replacing your light fixtures vs. installing a new electric line for a light fixture

Replacing an old light fixture or fan with a new fixture can require a little bit of time and effort, but for the most part swapping out fixtures is a task that an average homeowner can tackle. The process is generally the same regardless of what brand or style of fixture you are replacing.

Installing a new fixture can be easily handled with a few common tools and a little patience with the instruction manual.

This type of project can get out of hand though if you need to install a new electric line for a fixture. If the project reaches that level you will need more than just a screwdriver to do the work. You will need to know a fair amount about electric panels and home electric systems.

This is not the type of work you will learn to do by watching a 30 minute DIY show on T.V. If your project is going to require that level service then it’s time to call a professional to handle the work.

Check back in part two as we take a look at plumbing issues that may not be as DIY as you think.

As always if you feel that you are in over head on a DIY project, give Marvelous Basements a call and we’ll handle your project in a safe and professional manner.

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