St. Louis Basement Home Theater Design – Select Your T.V. First, Not Last

Although it seems like when planning a St. Louis basement remodeling project that your T.V. can be selected last, it can’t. If you’re planning to include a home theater in your basement then the T.V. should be one of the first things you select and not just the T.V. itself,  but how it will be mounted as well.

There are several reasons for selecting your T.V. and its mount early on in the process. For starters, most basement home theaters these days have elaborate set-ups. There are lots of external components to include in the set-up and with those components come lots and lots of wires. If you don’t want yards of wire strewn about your basement then you should select your T.V. in advance so you know how your wiring is going to be run in your theater.

If your T.V. is large and has inputs on the side of the back panel then the difference in running the wire correctly could be several feet depending on which side of the T.V the inputs are on. You would need to have your T.V. selected in advance to run your wiring accordingly.

Knowing how your T.V. will be mounted will be equally as important. Big screen T.V.s are quite heavy these days and if you plan on mounting the T.V. on a wall bracket, instead of stand, then the proper support bracing will need to be installed during the frame-up phase of the remodeling process. If proper bracing was not installed during frame-up, before the drywall goes up, then you will most likely have to open up your wall to install proper support.

Opening up the wall is not impossible by any stretch of the imagination, we do it all the time in fact, but it can be quite a mess to do. Also, wouldn’t you want to avoid the problem to begin with and just have your T.V. and mount selected in the beginning so that you can avoid having to open up your wall?

If you are planning to remodel your basement with a new home theater then call Marvelous Basements today and let the pros show you how St. Louis basement remodeling should be done.

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