Water Filters – More Important than You Think

In the previous post we looked at how something as little as a shower head can take your basement bathroom design to the next level. Most homeowners forget about these types of details when designing a basement. They are usually focused on much bigger items like countertops and appliances.

We’re now going to look at another small basement design detail that can help take your wet bar to the next level: water filters. Installing a water filter in your basement can provide on so many levels.

To start, it will improve the quality of your drinking water.

If you’re like most of our clients then your finished basement is where you are going to be spending a large portion of the time hanging out and entertaining others. You want everything to be as comfortable as possible and simply adding a water filter can help by improving the taste of your drinking water. Good tasting drinking water cannot be overstated especially when you are having a party.

Also, a water filter can actually help you save money.

So many times we see clients who do not use a water filter stock up on copious amounts of bottled water. Having a water filter can eliminate that cost from your monthly expenditures. In some cases we even see clients cut back on their soda consumption as well, not only saving them more money but it also creating a healthier lifestyle.

Like I said, good tasting drinking water cannot be overstated.

There are tons of different types of water filters available on the market today so make sure you do some research to see what will be the best for you. Remember, water filters come in all sorts of sizes and installation methods as well so keep that in mind when you go to make a selection.

It’s definitely cool to have big screen TV’s and granite countertops. But, If those things are above your means then look to add some of the little things to your basement that can really make it pop, like a water filter.

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