Dry Wall Selection for Your Basement Bathroom and Wet Bar Area – Make the Right Decision

We see it all the time, bathroom walls damaged and infested with mold, mildew and fungus, completely ruined due over-exposure to moisture.  We don’t blame the walls though, it’s not their fault. The blame rests with the person who decided to install regular drywall for the bathroom walls.

Honestly any contractor should know better from making such a mistake. Homeowners need to be better educated about this as well.

Installing regular drywall in a basement bathroom is a huge no-no.

There are many types of drywall out on the market today but just because you can buy it at the store does not mean you can put it in your bathroom. Basements are more susceptible to moisture than other sections of the house as it is. So when it’s time to install drywall in your basement bathroom you are going to need more than just any ole kind of drywall. If you are going to protect your basement bathroom, and any other area that has a greater chance of being exposed to moisture, then you need to make sure you or your contractor installs waterproof drywall.

At Marvelous Basements our clients expect the best basement possible. So we cut no corners, even when it comes to selecting the drywall. We use Gold Bond XP drywall on all exterior walls in bathrooms and wet bars. Gold Bond XP provides a safe, mold free environment because of its special, non-toxic, Greenguard and Sporeguard certified chemical content. Gold Bond XP drywall is conditionally warranted not to grow mold or mildew for 25 years.

Even if your walls look like they are fine, mold can still grow underneath them if the proper material is not selected for your basement bathroom and wet bar areas. So when it comes to not only the quality and longevity of your basement walls but also your family’s health, make sure you go with a drywall that defends against mold and mildew. It’s worth the extra investment.

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