Basement Remodeling in St. Louis – Bathroom Design Options

When designing a bathroom for your St. Louis basement finishing project there is a myriad of options to choose from. A bathroom can be one of the highlighted features in your remodeled basement but it can also serve as a compliment to a basement guest bedroom.

Here are some examples of areas you should be thinking about when designing a bathroom for your basement design project.

Will you need a shower area?

Not all basements will have a guest bedrooms. Whether your basement has a guest bedroom will most likely dictate if you want to have a space to bathe in your bathroom.

Shower or Tub?

If you do choose to have a place to bathe in your basement bathroom then you’ll need to decide whether you want a tub installed or a shower stall. The size of your bathroom could also dictate this choice as bathtubs can take up more space than a shower stall.

Pedestal or Vanity Sink?

You can scour the marketplace forever to find the right sink for your bathroom so the first thing to do is decide whether you want a pedestal (one single piece) or vanity (a sink and cabinet) sink.

Again, size will definitely be a determining factor so make sure you measure your space accurately. Small bathrooms, especially ones without any kind of shower, will typically have a pedestal sink.


Much of a bathroom’s look and feel is determined by not only the type of tile it has but the amount of tile installed as well. A bathroom without a shower may just have tile on the floor, whereas a bathroom with a shower could have tile all over the walls as well.

Some showers may only have tile up to the shower head, a common feature with bathtubs. Whereas a shower stall could have tile completely surrounding the shower area.

You will need to select things such as tile size and material as well. Everything 1”x1” slate to 16”x16” ceramic tile is available. Make sure you research all of your options before purchasing tile.


Every basement bathroom will need to have some sort of permanent light source. Everything from canned heat lamps to wall mounted fixtures, in a variety of styles, are available to install.


As you will see there is an endless supply of plumbing fixtures for you to design your bathroom with. Toilets, faucets, shower handles, shower heads and any other fixtures should be researched thoroughly before making a choice.

Color Palette

Your color palette is something you need to pay attention to. Just because you like a certain component of a bathroom does not mean it will match all the other components. Make sure you collect paint swatches to compare with your tile and cabinet choices.

Designing a bathroom can be a lot of work but with Marvelous Basements it could not be easier. Contact us today to get started today on your basement design project!



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