Home Gym Design in St. Louis Basements

A home gym is a great feature to include in a finished basement.

When designed properly a new home gym can function as an integral part of your family’s lifestyle. For some, a home gym may be the very reason they are deciding to remodel their basement.

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Marvelous Basements has provided many of our clients with the perfect home gym set-up.

Whether you want your gym to be the focal point of your basement design or you want to have a small room to workout in, we can help you design the perfect workout area.

Your basement does not have to be overrun with gym equipment for you to have the ability to workout at home.

We first look at how to maximize your basement space for the size of gym that you desire. Then, we focus on equipment selection and placement to make sure you can use your gym functionally. No one wants to be crammed when they are trying to workout.

From there we can add the little things to your home gym design that make the difference. Do you want a stereo system installed so you can listen to your favorite music while you work out? What about a T.V. in front of your stationary bike? Marvelous Basements works with you to make sure everything you want is included in your home gym.

We don’t select the treadmill you buy or what kind of weight rack you install. With Marvelous Basements you are in control of what equipment you want your gym to feature. We want to make sure you are getting the gym that you want, not the gym that someone else wants.

The investment in a home gym can save hundreds of dollars a month in gym membership expenses, especially if you have a large family that enjoys to workout.

Not to mention, you save considerable time from traveling back and forth to the local gym.  When your gym is located right in your basement, getting to the gym only takes as long as it takes you to walk down the stairs. Not too shabby.

If you are looking for saunas and mirrored walls, or weight racks and treadmills, Marvelous Basements can handle it all. No gym is too small or too large for us to design.

Make your vision a reality. Contact John Turner today and let Marvelous Basements get started on your home gym design.

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