Why Design Is So Important For Your Basement Remodeling Project

A lot goes into to designing a quality finished basement space.

It’s not just about getting nice cabinets or pretty carpeting.

More times than not most of the effort goes into finding a way to get the most out of the space that has been allotted to the project.

Too many times basements are refinished with inefficient designs and lots of wasted space, making them nowhere near as functional as they should be. This is where the expertise of Marvelous Basements comes in.

We have been designing basements for over 25 years, helping customers not only get the quality that they want but also to create a basement that has the most usable space for your family.

We aim to design the basement that suits your needs perfectly. Because of this we are sometimes not the cheapest bid (although sometimes we are), but we’re also never the most expensive. That’s because our goal is to provide the customer with what they want for the best possible price.  We never turn in a cheap bid just so we can win the job, only to raise the price in the middle of the project. We’re honest up front about what it takes to design a good basement and finish the project on budget.

We keep all aspects of the design and drawings in house. We don’t hire an architect. Because of this we are able to pass real savings on to you.

Each project is unique unto itself and because of that Marvelous Basements provides unique, custom designs for each basement we work on.  We don’t offer cookie cutter design jobs.

There are many different ways to take a basement design to the next level. If you have a finished basement and are just looking for a few small tips on how to spruce up the area then check out DIY’s basement finishing section of their website.

If you need a makeover or you need your basement finished for the first time then call Marvelous Basements today. We are a premier basement finishing St. Louis contractor. We turnaround designs, project specs and pricing all within 48 hours.  Contact John to get started!

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