What If I Don’t Have a Lot of Money to Remodel My Basement?

Clients often ask us about finances in regards to their basement project.

We know that nobody has a never-ending stream of money to work with…and that’s okay.

Because having a nice finished basement doesn’t require that you break the bank.

At Marvelous Basements we avoid bullying our clients into choosing a basement that is beyond their financial capabilities.

We do this for a couple of reasons:

  1. If you can’t afford it then you’re not going to buy it. If we try to steer you towards a higher-priced basement, chances are we’re not going to be the contractor you choose and that’s bad for both of us.
  2. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority at Marvelous Basements. If we push you to purchase a basement that is out of your budget then you are ultimately going to feel guilty about your purchase and not fully enjoy your basement. You won’t be satisfied and that means we won’t be satisfied.

The methods that pushy contractors use to try and force you into buying something you don’t want are never helpful. Those contractors’ methods are not our methods.

Instead, Marvelous Basements aims to craft the perfect basement design for your budget. We listen to what you have to say. After all, it’s your basement.

Whether you have a large budget or a small budget, our job is to give you the best possible basement that your money can buy.

We have amazed many of our clients by showing them what we can do with a smaller budget. A remodeled basement can be affordable.  In many cases we are able to come in under the budget that is originally established with our clients.

If you are not sure whether you can afford a new basement, then give us a call. We always welcome and enjoy the opportunity to talk to you about the vision for your home.

Contact owner John Turner today to find out what Marvelous Basements can do for your home today. Get the refinished basement that you can afford and that you deserve.

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