How to Make Your Basement into a Man Cave

Redesigning Your Basement into Great Spaces


Most all homeowners with a basement use it for utilities or a laundry room as well as for extra storage. But think of all the extra room you have down there and you can make a wonderful entertainment area.


How to Make Your Basement into A Man Cave


When you convert your basement that is already a part of your home into a man cave, you have an inexpensive manner of making your own private area that you can design yourself. It’s much less expensive to finish a basement that likely has electricity, heat, and air conditioning in it than to add an additional room to your home. A basement finishing contractor in St. Charles, MO can help you with all of your needs.


What is a Man Cave?


A man cave is a place specifically for and decorated by the man of the house. It’s a place where a man can entertain, relax and enjoy his hobbies without having to conform to his wife’s home decor. You get full freedom on how you design your man cave and what items you want in it.


Preparing Your Basement To Convert it to a Man Cave


When you’ve decided you want to convert your basement to a man cave, you have a lot of planning to do on your part. Are you going to use the entire basement or a portion of it so that the appliances, such as a hot water heater, washer, and dryer can remain where they are in the basement? You can always box in an area for the basement items that are staying down there so they remain, but aren’t really seen behind a wall.


You should then make a budget for your furnishings in your man cave in your St. Louis basement finishing project. It helps greatly for you to make a sketch on paper with your ideas on it. Asking yourself questions can help with this. Do you want indoor/outdoor carpet on the floor or do you want to leave it as concrete in case of water entering your basement? What do you want for the walls and ceiling? Do you want sheetrock and paint on the walls or some nice wood paneling? How do you want the ceiling finished out? Would you consider acoustic ceiling tiles for great sound in your man cave?


The next item up is for you to create your budget. Each and every item should be accounted for that you will use in your decorating scheme. Bars, barstools, couches, chairs, TVs, wall decor, lighting and pool tables, or other gaming tables or video game machines should all be priced out.


Choosing the Theme of Your Man Cave


When you want to create your man cave, it’s best to choose some sort of a theme for it. This will help direct you to which items should belong in it. If you just start adding different things that don’t really go together, your friends, family, and buddies will realize it’s kind of haphazard and looks a bit out of place. The entire idea behind your man cave is to choose something you REALLY enjoy for a theme and then run with it. Some popular man cave themes include:


  • The Bar
  • Gamer’s Paradise
  • Sports Fan
  • Movie Theater


The Bar Theme

wet bar

This is a popular theme that men just really seem to love. The bar theme usually includes a full bar area with liquor behind it on shelves that are backed by mirrors. The mirrors are what’s including in many bars so the barkeeper can see what’s going on behind him when he’s turning around. You should also have a cooler that has a drain plug on it and an ice machine behind your bar. This will keep your beer nice and cold. You will also want an assortment of drink glasses, such as margarita glasses, champagne flutes, wine glasses, highball glasses, and shot glasses.


Most bar themes include a big screen TV for you and your guests viewing pleasure, a comfy couch to sit on, and a pool table or other gaming table. Within your bar theme, you can choose any items you really like for pictures and posters on the walls. Old Western movies, dogs playing poker, your favorite sports teams, or race cars are popular choices.


The Gamer’s Paradise Theme


If you love playing games then you may want your very own game room that is suitable for you and your friends. You can include a pool table, poker table, dart machines, and even a good old-fashioned pinball machine. If you like gaming for money, you can also add a poker machine to your gaming room.


You’ll need some comfortable padded stools by some of the games, so everyone doesn’t need to stand up all night, and some neon lights especially over game tables to provide good lighting. You will probably want at least a small kitchenette with a refrigerator for keeping drinks cold and a sink with running water. You’ll need a cabinet to hold paper plates and bowls for snacks so there is no need to wash dishes.


The Sports Fan Theme


If you have one favorite sports team or if you are very partial to all the types of sports from your city, then this may be the theme for you. You can display posters, sports photos, autographed items, jerseys with your favorite player’s number on them and the list just goes on. A basement finishing contractor in your area can help you to source items for your man cave.


These items can all be tied in by painting your sports-themed man cave in your favorite team’s colors. You will also want to have some comfortable upholstered chairs and some end and coffee tables near a couch that faces a large tv hung on the wall so you and your pals can watch the sports teams on game day.


Movie Theater Theme


Your very own movie theater room needs to have home theater seating with great chairs that recline and have drink holders in them. You will also need a state-of-the-art surround sound system to get exceptional excitement from your movies. You may want a popcorn machine in the rear of the space where everyone can help themselves as well as an antique soda machine that doesn’t require money to open it up and grab a cool drink. Another fun touch is to have a table set up with the theater boxes of candy on display for everyone to have their favorite snack as they watch the movies.


Old movie posters are lovely to have in your home theater as well as blackout draperies to cover any windows you may have so your view is optimal.

Movie Theater

What Should Every Man Cave Include?


There are some items that every man cave should idealistically have in them for entertaining friends and family. They include:


  • A Large TV
  • Comfortable Seating
  • A Home Bar Area
  • Pool Table or Ping Pong Table



A Large TV


You need a large TV so it’s easier to see for you and your guests. You should also mount it as high on the wall as possible near the ceiling height. This also helps people to see it better if there are rows of seats and someone is in front of another person. Most men enjoy at least one type of sports and face it—there is some sort of sports on TV just about all year round.


Comfortable Seating


Incorporating comfortable seating into your man cave is a must. No one wants to hang around a place for hours on end if they are sitting on hard furniture. Choose couches and chairs that are upholstered and soft. The seating should also be of a height that is easy to sit in and to get up out of. In your bar area, choose upholstered bar stools with a back on them that swivel. A chair that swivels is easier to get into and out of and the back on the chair will let guests lean backward and have support instead of leaning forward onto your bar.


A Home Bar Area


A bar area is a great feature in any man cave. You can have cold drinks, liquor, frozen drinks, and an area for snacks and such. If your space is a bit limited in your basement, you can opt for a smaller bar area or you can instead make use of a kitchenette for the same purposes.


Pool Table or Ping Pong Table


When men get together, they love to have some sort of activity in which to challenge each other or maybe to make a wager on. A pool table or ping pong table will let guests play against each other. You can also include a dry erase board in advance and play these games tournament style where the winner of the first game plays another person for the second game and so on. The winner may get some sort of prize or a gag gift for winning the entire tournament.


Contact Basement Remodeling Experts


If you want your man cave to look great, you should only choose a professional basement remodeling expert. At Marvelous Basements and Remodeling, LLC, we have over 30 years of experience in converting basements into dream rooms of all sorts. Our expert team can help you to design your space if you aren’t sure what you want in your man cave. We offer the highest quality of work in the St. Louis area for any basement build-out you may have. You can always “trust us with your dream” to make it happen and make it better than you can possibly imagine.



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