The Importance of Selecting Quality Windows For Your Finished Basement Project

We work with a variety of budget sizes when remodeling basements. Because of this we have to be prepared to show clients a variety of areas where they can look to cut costs and increase savings without decreasing the overall quality of the project. When you are finishing your basement it is not imperative for […]

St. Louis Refinished Basement Design Options

Check out this video from our YouTube page. With Marvelous Basements you have an endless amount of St. Louis refinished basement design options. While your there, check out some of our other videos. Our YouTube channel is another great source for basement remodeling tips and tricks.

The 16 Most Common DIY Basement Finishing Mistakes

We work on a ton of projects originally started by DIY homeowners. Even though each project is unique unto itself, there are still a list of common mistakes we see in these basement remodeling projects on a regular basis. Recently we completed our video series on The 16 Most Common DIY Basement Finishing Mistakes. Check […]