Best 5 Things to Do Before You Finish Your Basement

Finishing a basement is an easy way to expand the square footage of your home and increase your enjoyment of the space. Homeowners can use this space in any way they want and even create unique and exciting aesthetic effects with their decor.

However, a basement remodel is a significant project, so it’s essential to prepare thoroughly before starting it. This article will cover five crucial things to do before starting a St. Louis County basement remodeling project.

1. Building Permits

Before starting any construction project, obtaining the required permits is vital. This process can be complicated, so make sure to thoroughly research the necessary documents for your area. Taking these permits into account early in the process will ensure that the rest of your basement remodeling project proceeds smoothly.

2. Building and Electrical Code Requirements

Whenever you’re planning a home improvement project, ensuring you comply with all relevant building codes is an essential step. For many homeowners, their basement is not an area in the home that they frequent, so assessing the situation is a good place to start. If code violations are present, you’ll need to address those before beginning the remodel.

One common violation is a lack of opening windows, as the building code requires that all rooms have an escape route in case of fire. This rule is essential for safety because basements can be a hazardous place to be during a fire. If you need help installing egress windows or resolving other code violations in St. Louis County, Marvelous Basements and Remodeling is here to help.

3. Waterproofing

Another essential factor to consider when planning a St. Louis County basement remodeling project is waterproofing. Since basements are lower than the rest of your home, it is easier for water to flow in and collect inside. A build-up of moisture anywhere in your home is a concern as it leads to mold growth and causes building materials to wear or rot.

 Due to these concerns, effectively waterproofing your basement is essential to protecting your investment in the project. While it might be tempting to cut costs where you can, a water leak is a terrible problem to deal with, so it’s best to play it safe. A vapor barrier on the floors and walls to prevent moisture from seeping in is the minimum level of protection we recommend, although more extensive waterproofing provides enhanced security.

Finish Basement Lighting

4. Lighting

If you’re planning to use your newly finished basement as a living area or game room, you’ll need plenty of lighting. Basements are large spaces, so consider the square footage while planning your lighting solutions. Selecting attractive fixtures or lamps is also an easy way to add character to the area and begin creating the overall aesthetic look.

The color and warmth of the light bulbs are another critical factor and change the feeling the space will create when complete. For example, homeowners planning to use their basement as a game room may want brighter, whiter lighting to maintain a sense of energy. Conversely, a warmer color is preferable for sitting or living areas.

5. Insulate Properly

The insulation in your home plays an integral role in keeping you and your family comfortable. This material lines the walls of your home and increases temperature retention, allowing your home to maintain its internal temperature for longer than it otherwise would. However, because most builders do not construct basements as living spaces, these rooms are often have less insulation than the rest of the home.

Adding insulation to your basement before beginning the remodel is a vital step. While insulating your basement is a significant project and can be expensive, it inevitably saves homeowners money over time. In addition, a well-insulated space requires far less energy to heat and cool, so the energy savings will far outweigh the cost of insulation.

Get Started

Once you complete each of the items on this list, it’s time to get started! Refinishing your basement can be an exciting process, expanding your home and allowing you to express your interior decor style. However, for the project to turn out well, you’ll need the help of an experienced basement remodeling company.

Marvelous Basements is an experienced remodeling company in St. Louis, MO, with the skill and knowledge needed to bring your dream basement design to life. Our remodeling contractors in St. Louis work with each client to create the ideal space for their home and always provide fair and transparent pricing. If you’re ready to expand your home with a St. Louis county basement remodeling project, contact Marvelous Basements today.

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